Got too much turkey left over? Sick of gravy and cranberry sauce? Why not turn that leftover bird into turkey mole verde, turkey pho or turkey tikka masala with these recipes from The New York Times.

What about turkey and sausage jambalaya, cornbread-crusted white chili or turkey and rice noodle casserole? Check out these ideas from the James Beard Foundation.

Maybe you're thinking, hey, this is an awful lot of stuffing. Are we really going to need this much? Well the answer is YES! Make a giant vat of stuffing! Because it's amazing. And when you have some left over you know what you can do with it? STUFFING WAFFLES. Have you not done this yet? I look forward to this day-after breakfast every year.

Good gravy! Take your leftover stuffing. If it's soggy, that's fine. If it's really dry, moisten it with a little chicken stock. If it's crumbly and falling apart, crack an egg, mix it up with a fork and toss it over the stuffing. Do whatever it takes to make the stuffing stick together again.

The get out the waffle iron and fire it up. Brush it with butter. Put a fistful of stuffing in it and waffle it up! Serve with scrambled eggs, leftover gravy and that last glass of champagne from last night. OMG. Amazing.

Or maybe you just need to get out to eat something different. Sabor Peruano
is a new Peruvian restaurant in DeVargas Mall. Try a bowl of aguadito de pollo, a  chicken soup full of vegetables and cilantro. Finish it off with some pastel de choclo, a Peruvian sweet corn pie.

What about a blate of achiote-marinated salmon with a black Tobiko caviar beurre blanc? I just noticed that on the menu at Midtown Bistro, which, didja know, just got approved for a full liquor license. Stay tuned for a new bar area there.

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