I'll let everyone else cover the main attractions at Indian Market this weekend. As usual, I'm just here for the food. Like fresh sweet corn—and Indian tacos!! Oh, everything that is terrible for you piled up in one greasy mountain of delicious! Put it in my belly! Nom nom nom.

If you need to escape the city on this crazy weekend, you might cruise up to the Taos County Fair, because it will ALSO involve fried things that are terrible for you and delicious! On Sunday there's a pie eating contest, a pet parade and a watermelon eating contest. How can you resist? I went last year and it was so great.

Or... What about the Running of the Chihuahuas in Albuquerque? Again, this is ostensibly about dogs and charity and stuff but here's what you need to know: beer garden and food trucks. Also, tiny dogs in funny outfits. They get more amusing the more time you spend in the beer garden.

I had a fun dinner at the Santa Fe Culinary Academy earlier this month. Guest chef Jonathan Perno of Los Poblanos Inn was at the school for a pop-up dinner, which included this beautiful whole quail. It was not a class, just a marvelous five-course dinner prepared by Perno and students at the school, served restaurant-style. This Thursday and Friday, and next Thursday and Friday, the students are presenting their final projects at the school, so call for details about those adventurous dinners: 983-7445.

Last week I asked and you wonderful readers delivered: Susan's Fine Wine and Spirits collects corks for recycling! Thanks to Heather K. and Jennifer C. who both wrote in with that information. Susan's (1005 St. Francis Drive #105, 984-1582) partners with a company called Recork that collects post-consumer and post-industrial cork, grinds it down and uses it to make new cork products. So next time you're popping in for a bottle of wine, gather up all those old corks and drop them in the box at Susan's. Remember this is only for NATURAL CORK, the stuff that comes from trees, so sort out all those plastic bottle stoppers and find some other good use for them. If you have a big collection of corks (at least 15 pounds), you can ship them to Recork for free. Send an email to service@recork.org with the weight and dimensions of the shipping box and they'll send you a prepaid shipping label.

Speaking of drinking, I was in New York last weekend and had a magnificent margarita at Booker & Dax before dinner at Momofuku Ssam Bar. It was made with super smoky mescal, yellow Chartreuse and served over ice that I watched the guy shave with an antique contraption. It was awesome. Why is Chartreuse so damned expensive? (I KNOW why. I'm just lamenting it.)

Oh, also: Canton B. wrote in to recommend Café Fina (624 Old Las Vegas Hwy., 466-3886) as a great place for kids. He likes the outdoor playground and cozy inside play space. We wrote about it a few years ago, but the restaurant has added beer and wine since then. Check that out!

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