As sacred as Lindsay Lohan is to California’s probation system, so are breakfast burritos to New Mexicans.

So, it was with great caution that, last week,

by food writer Elias Isaacson, wherein

El Chile Toreado

’s hulking Polish sausage Christmas burrito was crowned.

Isaacson’s rules were simple: hand-held only, no smothering. We were expecting a full-on outrage, as this immediately eliminated several local heavy hitters. Thankfully, ace reporter Joey Peters’ scandalous calves,

, spared us this particular public flogging.

Still, many were left hungry by the piece and demanded seconds—a good thing, since we here at SFR are always starving and usually broke. Proof of that: the food thief we first told you about in our

is still on the loose (this week, he or she apparently stole a chocolate bar from an ad rep’s drawer).

On a mission to find not just the best-tasting, but also the best-value breakfast burro in town, we hit up a random sample of reputable spots for a competition that, much like the Olympic Games, transcended barriers and crossed over our editorial wall into the sales department. The results, per staff members, are as follows:

Alexa Schirtzinger

: SFR editor (high school nickname:  “Salsa Caliente”)


(3005 S St Francis Drive, 983-8431) is my winner. It’s huge and stuffed with fluffy eggs, tender chorizo, home fries and cheese—all in the right proportions. The cherry on top of this savory sundae comes in the plastic containers of spicy red salsa and creamy green avocado sauce.

(1514 Rodeo Road, 820-7672) has perfected the art of stuffing a breakfast burrito with just enough chile to make it sing (and the diner sniffle); the chile infiltrates the eggs and seeps into the tender home fries.


To regulars of

(404 N Guadalupe St, 983-4915), this will come as no surprise: the somewhat rundown little fast-food stand dishes out a damn fine b-fast burrito. It’s not huge, but doesn’t skimp, and while the chile could be hotter, it’s cheap enough to be a daily crowd-pleaser.

Joey Peters:

Staff writer / part-time leg model / suspected food stealer

The breakfast burrito from


stands out the most because of its spicy chile, tasty meat and avocado sauce.


regular burrito follows, with its salty chorizo and hot red chile. Its deep-fried variant had less of a kick and more egg, and is not recommended. Plus, you can’t really tell it’s deep-fried. Next is a tough choice:


burrito is affordable, and the hash browns give it a special crispness.

Mia Rose Carbone:

Copy editor / “Ms. Annapolis Quesadilla,” 2006

I love anything that kicks me in the mouth, so


(regular, not fried) stood out. However, my favorite was


for the balance of egg to delicious home fries and red chile sauce. I don’t like dry things, and J’s burrito was moist and saucy. My third choice is

(210 W San Francisco St., 983-9880). The potatoes, which were way too prevalent, took away from the balance. The Christmas smothering is fantastic, but it has too many taters (though I did love the egg-over-medium that leaked into the smother).

Anna Maggiore:

Advertising account executive who makes a mean burnt-toast platter

1 Posa’s

(regular): The red chile was spicy, delicious and awesome! Simple and flavorful.

2 Tia Sophia’s:

The egg was a nice surprise. Good mix of all ingredients, nothing was too heavy and it has all required flavors.

3 Jalapeño’s:

The use of a tomatillo sauce versus a straight chile adds a new, unexpected flavor.

Sabah Peach:

Advertising account executive and constant victim of Joey Peters’ sticky fingers (which, like his gams, are stunning)



The marrying of flavors was tantalizing and unique.



Though simple, the red chile was absolutely the perfect heat and full of flavor.


Tia Sophia's:

Classic deliciousness with all the required ingredients, and I love the gooey fried egg mixing in with the potatoes and chile.

Enrique Limón:

A&C editor / proud subscriber to the Chalupa of the Month Club


’s was a welcome surprise, as the flavors (not to mention the price) are spot-on. It sorta tastes like IHOP—on a tortilla. Winning the silver is the deep-fried version by


. Why? Because


Everything is better deep-fried—in this case, creating a crispy armor around the burrito’s well-balanced stuffing—and


Because I have a thing for county fair employees, and the taste immediately unleashed all my inner carnie fantasies. Hands-down, my fave was Posa’s non-fried. The hulking mix of chorizo and egg is a throwback to Old Mexico, and the red salsa has quite a kick. I don’t know about you, but a gaping mouthful plus a lone tear on my cheek is always a winning combo in my book. Step right up! Wink.

And there you have it. Comments, complaints? Sound off!