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>>> WRITER IN RESIDENCE***image1***

Santa Fe Art Institute writer in residence Julian Rubinstein reads from his work in the works. His first book,

Ballad of the Whiskey Robber,

won accolades across the board in the book world and caught the eye of Johnny Depp, who purchased the movie rights. Rubinstein's publications appear all over the map, from

The New York Times


Rolling Stone

. Unfortunately he is only in town 'til the end of December. Looks like the kings of word and literary prowess are as ephemeral in Santa as matrimonial precipitation (see


5:30 pm Thursday, Dec. 20. Free.

Santa Fe Art Institute, 1600 St. Michael's Drive.


Poetry is only as old as the people who read it.

A Cartload of Scrolls: 100 Poems in the Manner of T'ang Dynasty Poet Han-Shan

is author James P Lenfestey's tribute to Han-shan, the T'ang Dynasty poet of

Cold Mountain

. This is the masterpiece Lenfestey has meditated on patiently throughout the devastation of life.

A Cartload of Scrolls

is 33 years in the making, and still going (see


5:30 pm Thursday, Dec. 27. Free.

Collected Works Bookstore, 208-B W. San Francisco St., 988-4226


The 21st of December is upon us. Pagans, vegans and Reagan ideologues can all get together and dance under the soft amber whispers of the moon's inconspicuous nocturnal nightmare. We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting for Productions introduce its

Winter Solstice Celebration

, rife with superstitious music, poetry, prophecy and masked theater. It is a rite of passage for every Santa Fe resident to attend a solstice celebration at least once in a lifetime in order to understand we are not of this earth, nor sound, mind and/or body.

7:30 pm Thursday-Saturday, Dec. 20-22. $10-$25.

1228 Parkway Art Space, 1228 Parkway St., 505-316-2010


The last time these words were openly advertised in New Mexico, young men of all ages began to find themselves voluntary victims of sexual harassment lawsuits and paternity claims. Though not the funhouse strip club of adolescent reminiscence, La Fonda Hotel and the City of Santa Fe sponsor "Santa, Reindeer, Sleigh Ice Sculptures"? on the Plaza. La Fonda Executive Chef Lane Warner gets busy with his chain saw to scrape, cut and chop solid water into beloved personages of childhood infatuation.

5 pm Friday, Dec. 21. Free. Plaza, 899-1733


Winter solstice celebrations are not always about soliloquizing to melancholic Satan, conjuring euphoric images of an alcoholic's soul sacrificed, nor commiserating with yesterday's dead. Sometimes children decide to get into the ceremonies because some adult schmuck forced them to. This time it's about looking through the looking-glass, gazing into spatial wonderment and burning luminarias like an arsonist's dance with addiction. Santa Fe Children's Museum gives its annual Winter Solstice Celebration. Yipeeee!

5 pm Saturday, Dec. 22. Free.

Santa Fe Children's Museum, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, 989-8359


Wanna run wild with the wolf people and howl like an acid-tripping banshee on heroin? Wanna skip naked in the snow, so coked up you can't remember the way home?

Winter Solstice Ceremony

with JoAnne Dodgson cannot guarantee you that kind of a good time, but assuredly gives you your soul back at the end of the night.

6 pm Saturday, Dec. 22. $20.

Pavilion of Hope, Zambra Road, Tesuque, 505-685-0655

***image4***THREE FOR THE KIDS

Higher Ground, a bluegrass-strumming musical organization, Elija Whippo of Clan Tynker, who tinkers around with gags, juggling, magic and unannounced mirth and Wise Fool New Mexico put out one more event for the year: A contribution of puppeteering, acrobatic, artistic, politically conscious what-have-you at the Santa Fe Children's Museum for three days to keep the kids occupied while daddy and mom have fun.

Higher Ground: 6:30 pm Wednesday, Dec. 26.

Elijah Whippo: 6:30 pm Thursday, Dec. 27;

Wise Fool: 6:30 pm Friday, Dec. 28. $5-$20.

Santa Fe Children's Museum, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, 989-8359


Raise the Rent


Family Holiday Cabaret

, whatever you want to call it, it's a way to support local artists who are one step away from being homeless. The Hoop-a-Loop girls and Wildmakers Marimba, perform. Participate all you want and feel free to look gracefully stupid with no one but loving strangers around doing the same thing. That's the way to celebrate the holidays.

4 pm Sunday, Dec. 30. $5-$15.

Wise Fool Studio, 2778 Agua Fria St., Unit D, 992-2588


The Trillium Marimba Ensemble and The Tutorial School give to the community a

Winter Solstice Marimba.

Family operated, but way more

exciting than the Partridge or those God-forsaken Osmonds, this close-knit collaboration mix it up African style to benefit students attending the International Democratic Education Conference in Vancouver, and continue to fight for self-determination and human rights for children around the small world after all.

7 pm Saturday, Dec. 22. $5-$10.

The Tutorial School, 400 Brunn School Road.


Christmas in Italy is like Hanukkah in Chinatown. Something different and affordable for everyone. But this is not Chinatown, nor is it Hanukkah. "Natale Allegro"? is a concoction of Vivaldi, Corelli and that world famous not-so-Italian composer Handel. Performed under the auspicious, spacious and suspicious staircase inside the Loretto Chapel, this is the kind of music to sweep the chimneys to.

8 pm Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 19 and 20, and 6 and 8 pm Friday-Monday, Dec. 21-24. $15-$60.

Loretto Chapel, 211 Old Santa Fe Trail, 988-4640


The only thing worse than closing your door to a Christmas caroler is not welcoming some dirty smelly bum that might be Jesus into your living room for the new year. The Santa Fe Desert Chorale reaches out to all of us with "A Merry New Mexico Christmas."?

7:30 pm Friday, Dec. 21. $20-$48.

Cathedral Basilica St. Francis, 213 Cathedral Place, 988-1234


It is obligatory for everyone in Santa Fe to attend every single musical concert commemorating the Christmas season. Perhaps Christmas music should be reserved for the off-Christmas season, or better yet, Christmas concerts should be given year 'round and all other kinds of music should be banned. Yes, another Christmas concert fills the town with "Music for the Winter Solstice."? This time it's chamber music with a hard-rock lineup of deep classical composers such as Holst, Corelli, Leo, JS Bach and everyone's favorite Mozart rival, Mendelssohn, for the fluorescent bewitching hour, so it is somewhat forgivable. Don't say anything unless you're willing to pray and pay for Serenata of Santa Fe.

3 pm Saturday, Dec. 22. $1-$20.

Santuario de Guadalupe, 100 S. Guadalupe St., 989-7988


The Santa Fe Concert Association takes over the final days of the year and provides three concerts at the Lensic for the supercool hung-over party pimps snob-hobbing around downtown in oblivion. Musica De Camara and Tony Award winner Betty Buckley bumrush the big house with an offering of cathartic extravagance for the spiritually needy. Great works, great composers and a violinist, a pianist and the same conductor deconstructing it up.

Musica de Camera: 5 pm Monday, Dec. 24; Betty Buckley: 7:30 pm Friday, Dec. 28. $30-$80. Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234


The second showing of the ongoing "Metropolitan Opera: Live in Hi Definition"? raids the Lensic with everybody's favorite nightmarish fairy tale from the twisted Grimm bros:

Hansel and Gretel.

Composed by America's most memorable crooner Engelbert Humperdinck, it is impossible for this opera to be as soporific as the rest.

11 am Tuesday, Jan. 1. $15-$22.

Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234


The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie is the perfect play to recreate in Santa Fe for those lazy rich bastards who sip scotch atop the muddy Santa Fe Ski Area without a care in the world. Murder, lies, betrayal, scandal, detective probing and the process of deduction to isolate the guilty suspect with blood on his or her hands is the tale. No one is safe from unsolved crimes against humanity's properties and the devil-may-give attitude that infects our quest for quality good theater in town.

8 pm Thursday-Saturday, Dec. 20-22. $12-$15. 2 pm Sunday, Dec. 23. Pay what you wish. Santa Fe Playhouse, 142 E. DeVargas St., 988-4262


Ricochet is the intimate collaboration of Laura Stokes and Cohdi Harrell. The two sky walk metaphorically beyond every conceivable rendering of magical disbelief and gravitational magnanimity. Their current show,


, delves completely into the inharmonious bliss of existence that can sometimes unravel and reveal our true selves without a safety net. Up high with silken tourniquets swinging musically through space, Stokes and Harrell display dexterous body ritual, gymnastic philosophical momentum, bewitching catastrophic arrangements of mood and tenderness and an ballet of definite surrealistic style, grace and compunction.

7 pm Friday and Saturday, Dec. 21 and Dec. 22. $10-$20.

Peñasco Theater, 15046 State Road 75, 505-587-2123