The joys of Internet surfing.


Finally, James Cameron can be the king of the world. The free online game NationStates allows players to create their own countries and get the power they always dreamed of. Some country names include: The Anarcho-Capitalist Hootenany of Jokelahoma, The Free Land of Psychedelie and The Free Land of Hippies-ville. The game was written by Max Barry, a writer inspired by his novel J

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about a world of absolute consumerism.


Remember the defunct energy drink spin-off of Mountain Dew called Surge? Well, is trying to bring it back with an online petition, "Save Surge: The Movie" and other signs of support. The site even has a hall of fame that honors those who have an inordinate amount of time and passion for this soda.


YouTube may have revolutionized the way people communicate online, but is trying to change how people use tubes and pipe machinery. According to its Web site, Universal Tube and Rollform is "committed to being the number one supplier of used Tube Machinery in the world." When YouTube first began, the utube Web site was so bogged down by misguided traffic that it eventually sued YouTube for damages and even tried to gain control of the domain name. Talk about going tubular.


Everyone thinks they're right some of the time, but self-described pirate Maddox has taken self-assuredness to a whole new level. His Web site, titled "The Best Page in the Universe," expounds on all things he finds amazing and terrible with acerbic honesty, profanities galore and an absolute view of the world. Nothing escapes his ire, including the iPhone, conspiracy theorists and seemingly every movie ever made.