Internet resources for when someone else's words say it better than your own.


When someone else's words say it better than your own, Quoteland has a variety of ways to find just the right thing. The users discussion group is unique among online quote sites and allows Web surfers to work together to find the right saying for any occasion, whether it be for a new tattoo or letting go of a love. There's also a forum for users to debate politics, Harry Potter and human nature. The posts breed lively discussion and, of course, are filled with opposing quotes from famous minds.


All quotation books are not created equal and Bartlett's Familiar Quotations is the go-to when a fabulous phrase is needed. However, the big book isn't handy when you're out and about, so the online version at is just the ticket. The searchable site offers not only a glance into Bartlett's, but also wise tomes like the King James Bible and The Elements of Style. The home page also includes a word of the day for when you want to drop "absquatulate" into casual conversation to wow your friends, or find a gem with which to beat your buddies at Scrabble.


The Internet Public Library offers a lot more than searchable quotation sites. It's a database for all kinds of online reference material that you didn't realize you needed. A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names, The Old Farmer's Almanac and The Movie Quotes Site all are linked alongside dictionaries, encylopedias and newspapers from all over the world. The extensive site is easy to use, but too inclusive for a quick search. This is the place to come when Plato and Einstein aren't going to cut it and you're willing to dig deep for that perfect turn of phrase.