By now, you should be aware of Jessie Deluxe, a welcome dash of operatic punk rock awesomeness in our scene who mines from areas similar to bands like Eagles of Death Metal, but with a slightly heavier lean and healthy regard for the classics of rock. Did you know Deluxe also fronts Fox White, a triumphant quartet not entirely unlike her usual offerings and perhaps more prolific in their songwriting prowess?

Fox White formed two years ago as a side project but, according to Deluxe, has grown into a far more regular gig. "Jessie Deluxe is still totally a thing and there will be another album coming out this year," she says, "but [Fox White] has had the same amount of effort and intensity, and we've been working on this album for a year."

The self-titled release to which Deluxe refers contains a whopping 17 tracks that run the gamut from all-out rock 'n' roll to jam band-like tomfoolery, but all with a cohesive, collaborative vision courtesy of band member/album engineer Danny Duran. "We rehearse at Danny's studio in Galisteo, and you're staring at recording equipment all the time," Deluxe notes. "We just had so many songs and it was getting out of control—I wanted to put out 21, but we couldn't fit them all on the CD—but we recorded everything live in one day, which is crazy."

Luckily, Deluxe had recorded her guitar parts before a snowboarding mishap left her with a broken arm, but even with a three-month delay while she was recuperating, she overdubbed vocals. Now that's punk rock.

Fox White performs the album in its entirety this Friday at the Mine Shaft Tavern (plus a few other gems thrown in), and though it's not an official release (Deluxe refers to it as a "celebration"), it will be available for sale. Intrepid listeners can sneak a listen at, but if you've ever seen a performance from Jessie Deluxe, her name alone should be reason enough to attend. (Alex De Vore)

Fox White
8 pm Friday June 9. Free.
Mine Shaft Tavern,
2846 Hwy. 14, Madrid,

A Galaxy Just Kinda Down Cerrillos Road

Anson Stevens-Bollen
Anson Stevens-Bollen / Anson Stevens-Bollen

It shouldn’t take you 12 parsecs (because that’s a unit of distance rather than speed—duh) to realize that a film being translated into Navajo is a pretty damn big deal. Usually, an artwork that achieves this milestone must be so culturally valuable and relevant that its very existence forever changes the course of human events.

Star Wars

is just such a work. Take on the Empire with everyone’s favorite veteran of Kashyyyk (Chewie) and his supporting players tonight and be astounded; this translation alone should blow your mind. (ADV)

Movie Night: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:
6 pm Wednesday June 7. Free.
Center for Progress and Justice,
1420 Cerrillos Road,

Gilded Gal

Public Domain
Public Domain / Public Domain

Painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) often explored the female form, and his works are now some of the most collectible in the world. The Klimt metallic portrait

Woman in Gold

has received the most attention after it was stolen from the Altmann family by Nazis in Vienna in 1938, and repatriated back to them years later after long efforts by Maria Altmann. Her son, Peter Altmann, takes the Lensic stage to tell the tale of the piece, its abduction and its eventual return. The story became the subject of the 2015 film

Woman in Gold

starring Helen Mirren, and you can catch a screening after Altmann speaks, adding another layer to this immersive experience into art history. (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Peter Altmann: Behind the Woman in Gold:
6 pm Thursday June 8. $35-$75.
Lensic Performing Arts Center,
211 W San Francisco St.,

It’s Electrifying

Courtesy Currents New Media Festival
Courtesy Currents New Media Festival / Courtesy Currents New Media Festival

The Currents New Media Festival is here, and with it comes another year of astounding multimedia installations and performances created with cutting-edge tech and an eye for interactivity. Physical and digital arts and music collide and minds will indeed be blown. And though there’s more going on than we could begin to dig into here, our top pick for the opening weekend comes in the form of

Quasar Lounge

, an outdoor two-day music-based installation built with a massive video screen, incredible sound and found art design. Is it huge and beautiful? You bet. And that barely scratches the surface. (ADV)

Currents New Media Festival Opening Weekend: Quasar Lounge:
6 pm Friday June 9. Free.
Railyard Plaza,
Cerrillos Road and Guadalupe Street,