In the days before the internet ruined our lives, fans of art, music, film and the general world of creativity and social issues would spend painstaking time and effort cutting and pasting their very own print products. These fanzines—or zines, if you will, which you should—covered pretty much anything one could dream up, and it was glorious. The form never actually went anywhere, yet the days of zine libraries in teen centers, mail-order ownership or trading have certainly decreased. Enter Santa Fe Zinefest, the brainchild of local writer/editor/zine creator Bucket Siler, and one of the most charmingly punk-rock things going down in Santa Fe this week.

"From what I've seen—and it's been semi-documented—there was kind of a lull [for zines] when the internet first came around," Siler tells SFR. "In my theory, though, there is that new generation of people who think print is really quaint and have discovered zines. I think it's complicated, but over the last three to five years there's been a resurgence."

Siler says something like 24 creators will table at the event and that she'd be hard-pressed to think of a topic that isn't represented. Zine Fest also boasts young artists. Says Siler: "One of the questions on the registration was, 'How long have you been making zines?' and some were about a month or a year, and it goes all the way up to 20 years."

Siler also encourages attendees to bring their own product for potential trade and sees bigger and better things for next year. "It's not a profitable thing," she says. "You kind of need to have a love of it or you have to care enough about it." (Alex De Vore)

Santa Fe Zine Fest
11 am-5 pm Saturday May 20. Free.
Center for Contemporary Arts,
1050 Old Pecos Trail,

TC = Totally Cool

Courtesy Tiffany Christopher
Courtesy Tiffany Christopher | Courtesy Tiffany Christopher

You wouldn’t think pop-esque indie-folk and rock would meld so easily with the world of loops and effects, and yet, Tiffany Christopher somehow pulls it off. A one-woman army of satisfying hooks and simple beats, Christopher has honed a sound all her own. It isn’t unusual to see her teaching workshops in the craft or providing the soundtrack to a yoga session, but for her upcoming performance at The Kitchen Sink Recording Studio, the music becomes the main focus and the music is good. Like other recent Kitchen Sink events, the show becomes an album down the road—how cool is that? (ADV)

Tiffany Christopher:
8 pm Thursday May 18. $10-$20.
The Kitchen Sink Recording Studio,
528 Jose St.,

Get Low

Meridel Rubenstein
Meridel Rubenstein | Meridel Rubenstein

A sunny Sunday calls for an outing, and this one hosts a lineup of the raddest and baddest lowriders from around the state. Last summer, Mayor Javier Gonzales declared May 21 Lowrider Day in Santa Fe, so get ready for another event this year. See sparkly paint jobs, hydraulic lift demonstrations and chrome and gold rims with these automotive works of art. The tradition and lifestyle of lowriding is one that runs deep in New Mexico, so bring the whole family to celebrate the cultural event hosted by Southwest Promotionz at the Railyard Park. Feast your eyes on 45 custom cars, soak up your week’s worth of vitamin D and win the weekend. (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Lowrider Day:
Noon-6 pm Sunday, May 21. Free.
Railyard Park,
Paseo de Peralta and Guadalupe St.,


Garielle Palmer Photography
Garielle Palmer Photography | Garielle Palmer Photography

Steel thyselves, metalheads, for one of the heaviest meetings of thrash and death metal in the history of all time—California’s Sacrificial Slaughter is en route. A veritable smorgasbord of breakneck punk rock rhythms broken up only by the brutality of death-laden blast beats and down-tuned guitars amid vocals that hit the most guttural, evil lows and most dizzying, screeching highs. It ain’t easy making metal groove without losing at least some of the intensity, but Sacrifical Slaughter nails it with ease, becoming a solid choice for fans of anything from big names such as Slayer or Sepultura to indie gods like Saviours. Desmadre, Voices of Ruin and Atrophic Wound open. (ADV)

Sacrificial Slaughter:
9 pm Monday May 22. $7.
The Underground,
200 W San Francisco St.