Graham Nash sets out to mark a milestone in his life with his new album, This Path Tonight. At 74 years old, the rock legend ventures into fresh musical and personal territory.

"My life has changed completely," he tells SFR. "This album is my emotional journey right now."

A recent feud between Nash and David Crosby leaves the future of Crosby, Stills and Nash (and sometimes Young) at a crossroads. It's clear that Nash has already taken off in a new direction. "If CSNY is over after all these years, then so be it," he says.

Without the rancor of constant rock 'n' roll drama, Nash is free to define himself as an individual, but he's actually been doing so for decades. Besides his six solo albums, Nash also boasts an impressive photography portfolio and helped start the digital revolution in fine art printing in the 1990s with Nash Editions. In 2013, he released his autobiography, Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life, documenting his time in The Hollies, CSN and beyond.

"I looked down at the manuscript after having read it, and I said, 'Wow. I wish I was him.' Because it sounded unbelievable what I had been through in my life. And it's not showing any signs of changing or stopping. … I've told people about my life and now I can live my future life, which I'm doing now."

With This Path Tonight, Nash marches forward into the unknown while still taking time to reflect on the past, like in the song "Golden Days," which recalls his early rock career with The Hollies in the '60s.

Longtime CSN tour guitarist Shane Fontayne joins Nash for his solo tour, which Nash calls a "simple, heartwarming show. In this time of complete madness, between climate change and terrorism and Donald Trump, come and have a couple hours of peace." (Andrew Koss)

Graham Nash:
8 pm Sunday Aug 7. $50-$70.
Lensic Performing Arts Center,
211 W San Francisco St.,

Functional Beauty

 Courtesy Steve Elmore Art
Courtesy Steve Elmore Art | Courtesy Steve Elmore Art

Utility and ornament are partners sometimes, as is the case with the Pueblo canteens on display at Steve Elmore Art in a show titled

Carrying the Water

, opening Friday. The canteens are “a true ethnographic original creation of Pueblo pottery and have been around for over 1,000 years,” says Steve Elmore, gallery owner and curator of the show. Elmore tells SFR the canteens were “not cherished objects, but daily items of use.” And that not-cherished bit is something he appreciates. “They were making something beautiful for their everyday use,” he says. “We are going to celebrate the functionality of the canteens and how they are just a really great original ceramic art form.” (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Carrying the Water:
5 pm Friday Aug. 5. Free.
Steve Elmore Art,
839 Paseo De Peralta,


Courtesy Art House
Courtesy Art House | Courtesy Art House

Sometime in the 1970s, Harold Cohen thought, “I have a great idea. Why don’t I write the code to create an artificially intelligent artist?” On Saturday, a discussion titled

The First Robot Artist

focuses on Cohen and his life as the “first artist to be most successful at developing an artificially intelligent creative software,” says Jason Foumberg, curator at Art House. Cohen’s works are the earliest examples of computer-generated artworks on display at the gallery. The discussion is a double effort from Foumberg and Pamela McCorduck, who was Cohen’s biographer, and knew the late artist personally. (MER)

The First Robot Artist:
On The Life and Work of Harold Cohen
and His Artificially Intelligent Painting Program, Aaron:

2 pm Saturday Aug. 6. Free.
Art House,
231 Delgado Street,

GRDN of Earthly Delights

Amy West
Amy West | Amy West

Remember Eliza Lutz? She’s the musician who quit her day job to open a small indie label called Matron Records. One of her bands, GRYGRDNS, is set to release its debut video. Directed by local filmmaker Amy West (who also helmed Thieves and Gypsys’ “Take Me to the Sea” vid), “Brocade” is a surreal, snake-wranglin’, cactus-lickin’ affair stocked full of gorgeous desert shots and emotional imagery courtesy of Lutz and bandmate Miranda Scott (also of Evarusnik). We think it’s cool that Lutz is doing this and even cooler that GRYGRDNS will premier the video in a real-life movie theater like the Jean Cocteau. (Alex De Vore)

"Brocade" Premiere:
7 pm Monday Aug. 8. $8.
Jean Cocteau Cinema,
418 Montezuma Ave.,