Past a DIY wooden fence and just a stone's throw away from the emblematic Santuario, Arthur "Lowlow" Medina holds down his artistic fort.

Inside the folktastic Lowlow's Lowrider Art Place, paintings by Medina representing everyday Chimayó life—virgins, lowriders, landscapes and more virgins abound.

"I want people to know the old history," Medina told SFR a year ago. Speaking in the rhythmic accent one would associate with the region, he also shared his vision to open the first-ever "Lowrider Museum on Wheels," using any or all of his personal lowrider fleet, seven strong.

This Saturday his dream might be a little bit closer, as Medina, along with other gallerists and several local cultural institutions like Diana Bryer Studio, Ortega's Weaving and Ortiz Gallery partake in the Chimayó Car & Art Tour.

"They all promote and preserve the traditions of Chimayó by the nature of their business," says Patricia Trujillo Oviedo, president of the town's association of business.

Trujillo advances that not just paintings will be at hand, but artworks featured up and down the historic village also encompass basketry, traditional woodcarvings, bronze sculpture and even heritage livestock breeds.

Killer art, sweet rides, holy dirt and fancy bulls? SO there.

Chimayó Car & Art Tour
10 am-5 pm Saturday, June 21. Free
All over Chimayó, 351-2280