arlier this month, Seattle's Ltd. Art Gallery debuted Winter is Coming—a special A Song of Ice and Fire-centric art exhibit that had Game of Thrones fans lining up around the block. Austin's Mondo Gallery also launched a similar endeavor.

So when is Santa Fe jumping on the bandwagon, you ask? After all, we’re the place creative genius George RR Martin calls home. Well, Khaleesi, your ship has come in. 

Enter artist and Santa Fe University of Art and Design faculty member Todd Ryan White, who this Friday presents Mortal Mirror at GRRM’s own Jean Cocteau Cinema. 

“I am a longtime fan and have been including subtle references to his work for a while now,” White tells SFR. “But this will be the first time I have created images that directly relate.”

The name of the exhibit, White points out, is a nod to the author’s innate knack to kill his darlings.  

“I chose to focus on Martin’s ability to change your perception of mortality and its continual delicate balance,” he says. “Each piece focuses on one character’s struggle.”

Expect intricate pieces that the artist calls “detailed, thoughtful and meticulous,” depicting defining moments in the journeys of Bran Stark (pictured), Ser Barristan Selmy, Brienne of Tarth and more, all of which took a month to complete. 

“It is a condensed glimpse of their individual story and the mystery and tragedy that surrounds them,” the artist says.

Valar morghulis, brother. 


4-7 pm Friday March 21

Jean Cocteau Cinema,

418 Montezuma Ave.,