The Santa Fe mayoral race has at time been heated, and on Thursday, it can potentially get slurry as MIX, in partnership with Hutton Broadcasting, presents a debate different, if you will. Expect candidates Bushee and Gonzales, as well as grub by Annapurna, suds from Duel Brewing and music by DJ Angelo Harmsworth and The Maya Spectra.

The evening will be moderated by Julia Goldberg and broadcast live across Hutton stations.

"I think it's going to be a great combination of your classic MIX event, with free food, great drinks and music and, hopefully, a debate that strikes a little bit of a different tone than the other debates we've seen so far," says MIX's Zane Fischer, a former SFR staffer.

As has been the trend, Bill Dimas chose not to participate.

"No one would know what he looks like if it wasn't for all those signs with his giant face on them," jabs the PolitiMIX's Facebook event page.

Fischer takes the slight in stride.

"I guess it's his prerogative," Fischer says of Dimas' decision.

"It's not a very generous thing to do if you're using public campaign financing and his assertion that these [events] are put on by special interest groups and aren't really speaking to the public hasn't proven to be true and it would have been nice if he'd seen though that, but it's his choice."

Fischer would later channel his inner politician and send the following in an email: "MIX has no opinion about how candidates conduct their campaigns. We'd obviously still welcome Bill Dimas to decide to attend the debate we're hosting with 101.5."

On a lighter tone, the MIX man says to expect for this debate to be polar opposite to more formal soirées of the ilk.

"I don't think it's gonna make it any rowdier," he says of the presence of alcohol. "I hope that the candidates are feeling loose enough to maybe grab a beer, hangout with folks and talk in a casual way."

We'll drink to that.


6 pm Thursday, Feb. 20. Free

Greer Garson Theatre @SFUAD

1600 St. Michael's Drive, 473-6511