On Friday, Dec. 13, I am bringing my stand-up comedy to The Lensic in Santa Fe, and I can't wait. There's nothing like a night of laughter to take the edge off holiday stress.

I live in the Los Angeles area, which is not the beautiful holiday winter wonderland that you might think. Just last Saturday I drove around an outdoor mall parking lot looking for a space for an hour. They had a fake snowfall at 7 and 8 pm. At 7:15, they had a fake traffic-related accident and at 8:15, a fake elderly woman fake slipped on the fake sheer ice, and fake broke her hip. It's no wonder it was packed.

It'll be good to get to Santa Fe. The beige tones and turquoise have a calming influence. I don't know about you, but at this time of year, the anxiety of knowing you might be tazed stepping over your neighbor to reach the last Tickle-Me-Elmo, is more than I can handle.

Treating yourself to a night of laughter producing endorphins may be the most mentally healthy thing you've done all year. I know it will be for me. I have three kids, 16 cats, two German Shepherd mix dogs, a bearded dragon lizard, a lop-eared bunny, and one ant left in my ant farm. I'm counting the hours until Friday. I really need to talk to you.

I'm not suggesting that seeing me is the only way to enjoy the holidays. I just think it's important that you do something. I enjoy watching White Christmas every year, although at this point, I've seen it so many times I can't help reflecting that Betty and Bob's communication is so ghastly bad, I'm sure the following year he was counting an airtight prenup as one of his blessings, and may even have hung it on the highest bough.

You could, of course, just spend an evening snuggling close by the fire with that special someone, and a rum and eggnog, but that tends to result in smoke alarm activation and drunken arguments between couples warmed only on one side. You know what? Maybe you should come see me. It's Friday night at The Lensic (my aunt had that surgery, by the way). I usually hang around afterwards and meet people. Come up and say hello, or merry hello or bah, humbug!

Paula Poundstone's
Ha Ha Ho Ho Holiday Comedy Show

7:30 pm Friday, Dec. 13. $27-$35
The Lensic, 211 W San Francisco St.,