There are, in fact, words that rhyme with orange; you just have to be generous with your expectations. A double rhyme, nope, but type “orange” into Rhymer’s online database, search for an end rhyme and you’ll get scavenge, lozenge and more. Want a one- or two-syllable beginning rhyme? How about aura, orgy or oarsmen? Now that the tools are so easy to find, there are no more excuses for 50 Cent to “rhyme” birthday with birthday; he can easily toss bidet in there to make his vulgar rap stronger.

Like Rhymer, offers a variety of search options to spice up those sentences. Synonyms, related words, matching consonants and even definitions make this site an invaluable resource for finding just the right word. isn’t perfect though; the homophone search comes up with no results for either “heir” or “air.”

Forget the fancy stuff: The Rhyme Generator has a basic rhyme search function in an easy-to-use interface. For a little extra inspiration, or just for fun, hit the “Rhyme a random word” button. It just may deliver a word that makes you quiver or, worse, something much less diverse.

If you’ve ever watched Snatch with the subtitles on, you know that cockney is sometimes completely unintelligible. But have no fear, the Cockney Rhyming Slang dictionary will have you speaking in code in no time. The way it works is you take any normal word, for example, “laugh,” and replace it with a word or phrase that rhymes: “giraffe,” “Turkish bath,” etc. For extra esoteric fun, use the first word of the phrase and ditch the rhyming part altogether. Soon no one will know what the hell you’re saying and your China’s will think you’re radio rental.