During our many meetings, I never told Human Donut and local "extreme" marketer galore Micah Ortega (cover story, Sept. 26 "

") that I was pitching his story as a cover.

Last Wednesday at the crack of dawn, several text messages I received with a common "WOOOHOOO!!!" denominator let me know he was now aware and very much stoked for the treatment.

He gave back to SFR the only way he knew how—by actually becoming the weekly, Backpage and all—and for one afternoon, hyping the shit out of us.

Micah described the feedback he experienced firsthand from the article as "the ultimate communication; the ultimate give and take."

He went as far as designating me the guest of honor at his wedding.

Mind you, he's still single, but said he just knew the right gal would come along after reading about him. "This girl who interns at a bank in Albuquerque finally called me back after seven months," he said of one of his prospects.

Some people, he says, went as far as honking at his sight and waving the SFR issue as they drove by him in support.

"Reporter [Man] would be like ultimate information download," he said of the inspiration behind this character in particular. He then beatboxed frantically and quoted both Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Dante's Inferno .

Still on cloud nine, he approached passer-by and gave them "free" copies of the Reporter , and experienced a mighty wind a-blowin' his way.

Behold the metaness of it all bellow: