If there's a name more synonymous with local radio than 98.1 KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe's Honey Harris, we've never heard it. Hell, Honey's been a downright institution around here since the '90s. She also took home top honors in SFR's Best of Santa Fe 2016 in the Best DJ category, a prestigious award only bestowed upon the most special of locals. Harris is even good enough to allow our editor and culture editor to appear on her program, The Big Show with Honey Harris, every Friday morning at 9:30 am to yap about what we're up to with the paper. Additionally, Harris serves up some of the best and most frequent interviews with local artists, chefs, musicians and more. For this and a million other reasons, we seriously love Honey Harris, and if you tune to 98.1 Monday-Friday from 7-11 am, you'll find out why you should too!

How long have you been at this radio game?
This current incarnation of KBAC went on the air in 1995, and [current operations manager] Ira Gordon and I were the first two DJs. I did some radio in college, too, while I was getting my degree in sociology because someone told me it would be an easy A. I never really wanted to get into radio. I guess it was just the thing it turned out I was best at.

Do you think radio is sustainable as a medium?
Y'know, I don't really worry about it. I think a lot of people in Santa Fe tune in to hear about what's going on in their community. That was actually the biggest priority back when I signed on in '95—people didn't really know who Ira and I were, and we made a point to get connected with the local community.

Do you have any big plans for the upcoming year?
Oh, none that I can really say. I don't honestly know. I think I'll just be playing good music and hopefully doing good interviews. As long as I can play music that I think is cool, I'm usually pretty happy.