As the year wound down, a horrifying thought occurred to me—I had never straight-up interviewed musician Andy Primm. What?! I know! He's basically a legend. As such, I decided that Primm's upcoming New Year's Eve show with his band Chango (8:30 pm Saturday Dec. 31. Free. Cowgirl, 319 S Guadalupe St., 982-2565) was the perfect cover to ask a few Qs and get a few As. And then I forgot to ask about the band. Oops. Still, though, he cool.

So. What's been going on with you?
This year has been very interesting. I've added this new component of dance. I did a modern performance in July, and since then I've gotten kind of addicted to studying ballet. It appeals to me in lot of artistc ways; it reminds me of learning the drums. It's been gratifying.

And how was the rest of the year?
Good! There have been a ton of changes and a lot of high points. The Prince tribute show was amazing. Co-directing the Melodrama at the Santa Fe Playhouse—just being a part of the Playhouse is something I'm really proud of. The core has been the video work I do; working with SITE Santa Fe; I'm still teaching drums at The Candyman. There's this thing where you think by the time you're an adult you'll figure it all out, and I'm just starting to get a clue. ... I hope to be a late bloomer and I don't see the peak of anything I'm doing just yet.

Are you the kind of guy who makes New Year's resolutions? What are you going to resolve to do in 2017?
I have in the past. I don't know. There's been talk of doing a heavy-metal Swan Lake, but it's incubating still. It's a big thing to come up with a project like that, and usually I have the honor of being brought on to something already happening. I wonder what would happen if I was just like, 'OK, here's a metal Swan Lake or a muscial version of Beverly Hills Cop.'