Artist Pamela Frankel Fiedler creates semi-nude, mostly black and white figure paintings that approach photo-realism; a woman pulling at a delicate lace wedgie or another curled up in a papasan in her babydoll nightwear sensually exposing thick thighs. Frankel Fiedler is a body-positive artist and her upcoming show at Intrigue Gallery (5 pm Friday Oct. 21. Free. 238 Delgado St., 820-9265) serves as a rumination on the theme of confidence.

What is the inspiration behind A Nod to Noir?
The inspiration is the easiest thing to talk about because [film noir is] an ongoing thing I've been intrigued with. It's not so much about the plot or the dialogue, because a lot of it doesn't really hold up through time, but it's the visual attributes that I think are the stand-out, the main character, the star. So, how that directly relates to my work is that as a strong proponent for women I love, the femme fatale type of themes that are ongoing in those films. The shadowy sexuality. My work is very sensuous and also has an edgy, tough, cynical undertone.

Do you use live models for your work?
I hire models and take photographs. Sometimes I use photoshop to play with the lighting and contrast. I prefer to use my own photography versus a live model because some of the poses would be very difficult to hold over a long period of time.

What do you hope to communicate to the people who come to see your show?
One of my voices that is continuing in my work is to talk about how women in particular, but also men, are beautiful of all ages and body types. We should be more self-assured and confident in our sexuality and able to express it. That's what I hope people would walk away with, knowing that it's okay to express that.