In recent years we've given glowing reviews to both of the former Angry Samoans member's solo albums, and the good news is that Gregg Turner shows no signs of slowing down. Turner's paen to Roky Erickson-esque rock and doo-wop is not only fun and satirical, it's well-executed and musically excellent. Turner performs at The Burger Stand Saturday Sept. 24.(8:30 pm, 207 W San Francisco St., 989-3360). Be there or be square.

Can you explain your music? Like, what's your pitch?
It's hopefully Jonathan Richman meets Tom Lehrer with a little bit of Allan Sherman thrown in—y'know, "Hello Muddah Hello Faddah." I have two backup singers and we do about 10 songs together and I do about five solo. I have a bunch of new stuff, too, in the vein of Phil Spektor ... It's goofy and silly.

Will people be able to get your new record, Chartbusters, at the show?
Not yet. We were supposed to have it out already and we will soon. There's this little record company in Boston called Feeding Tube Records and they're putting it out on CD and vinyl. I didn't know there was a market for that anymore, but it's nice because we recorded it up in Taos with this guy David Costanza on older, analog equipment, so it has this nice, warm sound.

Does this show and the album and new stuff mean more Santa Fe shows soon?
I can't play a lot of places in town because people sit there and eat and talk over it, and I think for my music to go over, people really need to listen. When I see people play, I want to know something about them, not what they can recreate. It's always hard to know what's appealing to people or not, but I have criteria—is it different, is there something people will care about?