The talk is divided in two parts: 'Potter unknown' and 'Possible by.' In a nutshell, what informed these sections? Sometimes we may have good evidence from which to make educated guess about the maker of an unsigned pottery piece; sometimes we know very little. We need to have some humility and patiently accept the limitations in our knowledge.

What do you hope people take away from your talk? That we can be grateful for the beauty that all of past pueblo potters have given to us and to be inspired by them; their selfless kindness in creating items of beauty so many years ago are still bringing joy to us today. As the proprietor of Canyon Road's Fine Pueblo Pottery, Lyn Fox, knows a thing or two about tracing the origins of artifacts. On Thursday, Fox presents 'Searching for the Unknown Pueblo Potters 1880-1930,' a lecture that aims to share his artistic detective knowhow.
What's the importance of tracing pottery's provenance? I feel it's important to give respect and gratitude to the artists who are still giving happiness to us through their devotion to the clay. Other than that, we need to be careful to avoid self-interest in our search for unknown potters.