Comedian and writer John Hodgman, known for his role on The Daily Show as the Resident Expert and Resident Deranged Millionaire, brings his quirky wit and sly style of humor to the Jean Cocteau Cinema on Monday, June 2. Warning: exposure to Hodgman may result in infectious, gut-splitting, giggle fits.                                      

What can you advance on the upcoming performance?

The performance shall be a night of comedy and music curated specially for Santa Fe by me, John Hodgman, and the musician, singer/songwriter John Roderick for the pleasure of George RR Martin and the people of Santa Fe. It is comedy that I have developed to deliver while standing up—a kind of stand up comedy, if you will—specifically in the wake of the world not ending in 2012, which, as you may or may not know, I predicted would happen and now I am going from town to town apologizing for my erroneous prediction. I am not the first person to incorrectly predict the end of the world but one day one of us will be right.

Why do you think comedy matters?

Comedy is a strange thing that feeds a strange urge. [It's] one of only two forms of culture that exist to provoke an unexplainable and vocal expression of a very visceral feeling. Comedy being one of them and horror movies being another. Laughter and screams are difficult to create and yet seem to be meaningful to the humans who go to places to make those noises, and necessary and cathartic to our culture.

What is your favorite moment in a comedy performance?

The martini afterward. The martini and the local, high calorie dense food that is most celebrated in that town or city. So, I am going to have a martini, that is non-negotiable, and then I will let George RR Martin direct me to the most calorie dense and delicious food of Santa Fe.