Finally, there's something in the works in Eldorado that doesn't involve chickens! Enter the 2013 Eldorado Studio Tour.

Dubbed by its organizers "the largest studio tour in New Mexico," the expo—now in its 22nd year—showcases the work of 110 artists in 72 studios. Twenty of those artists are new to the tour, so leave your expectations of fringe-clad cowboys and majestic depictions of Shiprock at the door.

Instead, witness the recycled art of Gilbert Candelaria, which breathes new life into discarded appliances like toasters; Nina Morrow's unique driftwood jewelry; and the playful mixed media of Cate Goedert, whose "Under a China Moon" is pictured. 

"Anybody who lives within the parameters of Eldorado can join the association and be in the tour," Goedert tells SFR. "Every year, we have a core of artists that have been doing it for years, as well as an influx of new people."

Goedert's current inspiration revolves around post-WWII salt and pepper shakers that she photographs and also mounts on panels for a 3-D effect.

The obsession, she explains, started when she bought a pair of "musician pig" shakers for a friend who collects swine. 

"I thought, 'Let me photograph them first,'" the artist recalls. Tickled by the results, the gift set never made it to its intended recipient. "Once I started, I was hooked…[S&P shakers] have their own personalities and kind of come alive in photographs."

After a road trip to the Midwest—during which Goedert systematically stopped at every single thrift shop—her muse was alive and kicking.  

She adds that other forms of art, like fiber, digital and fine-art prints, will also be on hand, thanks to the diverse cornucopia of participants in this year's tour and preview gallery.

For Goedert, the event and its "wide range of works" represent a perfect way for folks to start or expand their budding art collections.

"There's something for everybody. The price range goes from pennies to thousands of dollars—it just depends on what your taste is," she says, adding that it's a "very homey, welcomey event."

She concludes: "Have a nosh, have a beverage and squeeze in as much or as little as you want."

Eldorado Studio Tour Reception

5-7 pm Friday, May 15. Free.

  La Tienda at Eldorado,

7 Caliente Road, 310-3828