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The Santa Fe Reporter has a proud tradition as the city's source of alternative news and culture since 1974, reporting on community issues as well as celebration and criticism of local music, visual arts, film and performing arts. We believe in the independence of the fourth estate, in critical examination of the government, and in the value of helping active citizens understand each other. We take seriously our role to shine a light in dark places and to push for greater transparency. And we also have fun! Our weekly print events calendar and its perpetual online companion are indispensable.

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April 26, 2017 Santa Fe Manual

October 25, 2017 Restaurant Guide

SFR's annual glossy supplements, the Santa Fe Manual and Restaurant Guide, reach residents and visitors year-round. Plus, this year we have two new glossy versions of our classic coverage of drinks and summer arts and events.

Our Audience

We reach readers of all ages and demographic characteristics. We think it's great that 56 percentof our web audience is below the age of 44, including 16 percent of whom are between the ages of 25 and 34.

More than half of our readers don't have kids at home and 62 percent of them have an average income that exceeds $50,000.

SFR Distribution

With 16,000 copies in free delivery boxes and racks at over 300 locations in Santa Fe, Eldorado and Los Alamos every week, SFR penetrates the local region consistently. The print edition is delivered Wednesday mornings to locations as diverse as eateries, doctors' offices and on the side of major streets. See the chart above of the percentage distributed at each kind of location.

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Our free digital products are read across the nation, including more than1.6 milion page views each year on our website. Data shows that our loyal visitors (mostly locals) make up more than a third of regular traffic, stay on the site longer (while they read the whole story) and visit more pages per session. Outside of Santa Fe and Albuquerque, the top 20 home cities of our readers include four of the biggest cities in Texas as well as Denver, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Our newsletters reach another 100,000 readers each week.