If you've lived around Santa Fe for any real amount of time, it was no doubt surprising to hear that some awesome renegade artists were splintering off from the mega Indian Market to form their own event in the Railyard. Once the initial shock wore off, people slowly came to the realization that this was a good thing. After all, with the massive output of Native art and music available in Santa Fe, why doesn't it make sense to offer up more than one means of showcasing and selling to fans and collectors?

"We're trying to grow new collectors and audiences and to show that we're evolving with the rest of the world," says Tailinh Agoyo, director of marketing and creative services. "The tradition is important in everything we do, but we are looking to provide something for all ages and demographics."

Indian Market has always played host to special music events in various locations downtown, but IFAM really has gone the extra mile to provide varied and exciting entertainment to coincide with their inaugural market.

Here are some of the highlights:

Kickoff Party with DJ Brian Frejo/Culture Shock Camp

9 pm Wednesday, Aug. 20. $5. The Den, 132 E Water St., 983-1615

As a drug/alcohol-free motivational speaker, a member of Grammy-nominated drum act Young Bird and a talented DJ/MC in his own right, you'd be hard-fought to find a more positive role model than Brian Frejo. In addition to his music work, Frejo has also appeared as an actor in films like Last of the Mohicans and Under Siege. It all adds up to a hard-working musician and promoter who is especially equipped to kick off IFAM with a bang. Plus, the menus at The Den are cool (take our word for it). Frejo returns two days later to the Railyard alongside Quese Imc and Sol Galeano.

Indigenous Fine Art Market

10:30 am-5 pm Thursday, Aug. 21-Saturday Aug. 23. Free. The Railyard

According to Agoyo, each day of IFAM will feature more traditional music and dance events like the Acoma Rain Dancers, Black Eagle, Indige Femme, Taka Denipah and more, but will also offer up more contemporary tunes from the likes of Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers and DJ Element. "I want this to be the most fun ever," Agoyo tells SFR.

Cempoalli 20/Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers

4-5:30 pm Thursday, Aug. 21. No cover. Railyard Plaza

Blues, soul, reggae and hip-hop combine to form Cempoalli 20, a hardworking Native musician who has over a decade of experience working crowds and dropping truths under his belt. Cempoalli 20 is an ambassador of so many subcultures it's crazy, and his unique ability to speak to human beings as a whole—regardless of race, creed, orientation, etc.—makes him a perfect addition to IFAM.

Thunder & Lightning Stage

4-7 pm Friday, Aug. 22. No cover. Railyard Plaza

Come afternoon on Friday, the Railyard will be transformed into a mega-cool dance party. DJ Brian Frejo will return alongside acts like Quese Imc, Def-I and Sol Galeano. With respect to all the performers, Sol is the musician to watch when it comes to this one. At just 22 years of age, Sol has kicked ass as a poet, a spoken-word artist and now an MC. She's got a clothing line, works as a graphic designer and infuses her lyrics with a quick wit and a knack for exposing harsh truths with a worldly understanding. Don't miss this.

Skate School Jams!

5-9 pm Saturday, Aug. 23. $5, TimeShip Racing Skate School, 325 Early St., 474-0074

Music and skating go together like…things that go together well, and with acts like Arizona’s Them Savages and New Mexico acts Lo Cash Ninjas and Discotays, you’ll have a kickflip’s worth of fun checking out art and being punk rock and stuff. Crummy descriptions aside, there will also be artists like Rose B Simpson, Randy L Barton and more on hand. Apache Skateboards and Initiate Skateboarding will be there to help with your skating needs, too, so…y’know, this is going to rule.