Marijuana & Meth Baths.


1 Upon arrest, Silver City man tells election officials he “wanted to see what the system would do if he tried to vote twice.”

Mystery solved!

2 Texas judge videotaped beating daughter is back on bench.

Ah, Texas. Where the laws don’t matter until you’re on death row.

3 Colorado legalizes marijuana.

We can think of only one way for NM’s tourist industry to stay in the game...

4 Santa Fe Public Schools employee union rejects 6 percent pay raise.

Noting that “mo money” actually brings “mo problems.”

5 WaPo columnist (and old white guy) Charles Krauthammer: “GOP needs no radical changes.”

In order to keep losing.

6 Albuquerque store sells “blue, meth-looking bath salts” in honor of Breaking Bad, AP reports.

Meth baths: NM’s little-known recreational pastime.

7 George P Bush files candidate declaration form.

Yes, Virginia, there is another one. We’re sorry.