I once asked you all to stop being shy and to start getting naked. I hoped that we could mix our minds (and maybe even our pelvises). I thought Santa Fe was stilted.

In response, a reader—Malcolm—thanked me for writing so candidly about sex. He said that Santa Fe needed me, badly. His email made me realize that I've been shy.---

I wanted to encourage an open discourse about sex in Santa Fe, but I haven't been completely open. Instead, I've been hiding behind frat-boy bro-isms and witty '90s pop-culture references. Recently, I stopped hiding.

I shared my first kiss with you. It was a very intimate and personal experience. I shouldn't have been nervous to open up to you, but I was.

Your responses have been overwhelming. So this week I'm going to introduce you to each other.

Channeling Oprah, here are some of my favorites (edited for the purposes of publication):

Gary: I fondly recall the sofas, gymnasium walls, library aisles and back seats of those years when it was enough to "ferociously make out." ALL…NIGHT…LONG. Say something about the songs, won't you. The Cars accompanied me on my first all night FMO. Fine music to kiss by.

Vincent: While in NYC, I stopped in at an Irish bar. The evening was typical—green beer, corned beef and cabbage and a lot of laughs. Then, I began getting bored with all the testosterone…

I looked around and a voice came out over the crowd from a high ledge seat. It was a young woman, blonde, gorgeous and obviously a little bored herself.

She said, "Come keep me company!" So I sauntered over to her. Her name was "Claudia" and she wanted to suck face.

I obliged!

We did the soft ones, the deep-throated ones and had our hands all over each other. She was wearing a short skirt, her French stockings attached to a garter belt. Her legs were wrapped around my chest.

My hands were as busy as my mouth, feeling the soft yet firm upper thighs of this young woman. She egged me on with her own ministrations of her hands on my jeans practically bursting from the arousal I was feeling being with her.

We deep-throated, groped and whispered lustful scenarios and fantasies to each other for what seemed like hours.

Jeff: I dated the same girl in high school but we never had sex. She wanted to wait for marriage. But we sure explored everything else. I still remember the anticipation that was involved with making out and how the excitement just continued to build.

Sadly, we never did get married and never had sex. But those are still some of the best memories of my life because of the innocence and the not knowing what to expect and the closeness that I felt with that person. Only once since then did I ever come close to that.

Next week, I’ll tell you more about myself, and I hope you’ll do the same. Santa Fe needed someone to start the conversation, so let’s talk!

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