On politics, pigeon feeding, and tarot cards for dogs.


1 Santa Fe woman creates tarot cards for dogs.

Santa Fe: where canine obsession meets past-life regression.

2 Guy crashes into other guy’s car, stabs him and is then shot.

Road rage feels like an understatement.

3 Four Seasons Rancho Encantado worker fired for responding to guests’ questions about Jennifer Aniston.

Three cheers for corporate censorship!

4 Rio Rancho may limit feral pigeon feeding.

Because freedom birdfeed isn’t free.

5 Senate race: Heather Wilson raises more money, but Martin Heinrich leads in the polls.

Proving you can usually buy friends, but not always.

6 NYTimes: Republicans want to keep former NM Gov. and Libertarian Pres. candidate Gary Johnson off the ballot.

In evident confusion over the term “anti-choice.”

7 In same article, Johnson calls himself the Perrier to Obama and Romney’s Coke and Pepsi.

Which makes Independent Senate candidate Jon Barrie...beer?