On Super Susana, a bit of politics, and "most improved" NM Mag.


1 Gov. Susana Martinez rescues unattended child from car.

A repeat performance is planned for her 2014 reelection campaign.

2 New Mex: “Gardner talks dirty for Jennings campaign.”

Politics: never as sexy as you hope it’ll be.

3 Police report big drop in residential burglaries.

‘Recessionista’ thieves learn it’s more efficient to lift handfuls of jewelry from Plaza shops.

4 Ex-Santa Fe resident competes on The Voice.

In hopes of winning some of those red swivel-chairs for the as-yet-unfurnished courthouse.

5 NM Magazine wins “most improved” award.

Nothing like a good, honest consolation prize.

6 Romney jumps in polls after debate with Obama.

Dems hope Biden can restore the lead, then remember that it’s Biden.

7 New Mex editorial urges parents not to leave children unattended in cars.

Unless a political figure is nearby.