On NM Secretary of Health resignation, plastic bag ban, and Eldorado's chicken army


1 City considers banning plastic bags.

They’re just so trashy.

2 Texans reportedly losing Texas accents.

Now that they all live in New Mexico.

3 New Mex on Eldorado: “An unknown number of households raise chickens under a sort of don’t-ask, don’t-tell philosophy.”

As part of their training for the army’s new poultry unit.

4 NM Secretary of Health resigns “for personal reasons.”

Disgruntled employees celebrate for same reasons.

5 Biker sues city after his bike wheel gets caught in Rail Runner tracks.

Dude, maybe you just suck at riding a bike.

6 NM Museum of History to close public restrooms.

But there’s so much history there!

7 Railyard parking garage to offer discounted monthly price.

So you can spend less to avoid it like the plague.