Governor Martinez,

     I don't think you are unintelligent. Therefore it seems improbable that you don't understand what your current drive to reduce the film industry tax credit will mean to the state of New Mexico. ---

You keep saying that by reducing the tax incentive from its current level of 25% to 15% will result in more money for the state coffers. You and I and everyone watching this issue understands that this just isn't true. If you reduce the incentives it will not create more money for the State simply because film productions will stop coming to New Mexico. We have seen this result in Utah and now Michigan where the incentive programs have been reduced.

     Given that you understand this clear cause and effect it begs the question of why you are pushing for this reduction. On this matter I can only speculate that it is either politically or culturally motivated: you want to destroy as much as you can of our previous governor's achievements; or you take issue with Hollywood's political and/or social messages. No matter what the cause the result will be the same. Despite your oft-repeated statement that you have no interest in destroying the film industry in New Mexico, if you get your way with the incentive program that is exactly what you will do.

    While I can only speculate about your motives I can say with complete clarity what exactly you will be destroying. Before the incentive program the possibility of having a career in the film industry in New Mexico was little more than a long shot; especially for our young people. Since the incentive program and the resulting increase in media production and the growth of a community of creative enterprise and workforce education the possibility of a career in film production is an attainable reality for New Mexicans of all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. This is new for this state; this is exciting and there is a future in it for anyone who wants it. Isn't this the type of enterprise we should be encouraging in our society?

     If you have your way you will destroy what is a thriving, but still nascent industry in this our state with only few thriving industries. If you have your way and you destroy this industry, no matter what your reasons, you will also be destroying an environment of hope that we, the citizens of this state and particularly our young people truly need right now.
     At this early point in your administration I am sorry to see that you are committed to the destruction of an enterprise that is working rather than offering and building solutions for problems that need fixing. Great leadership is judged not by what it destroys but by what it builds.

Dave Marquez
Film Editor
Santa Fe, New Mexico