Elections for public schools and Santa Fe Community College will be held on the same day—Feb. 1—but not in the same place, though voters can vote for both at once by voting early or absentee.
It’s nice to see elections simplified.

IRS reportedly puts lien on actor Val Kilmer’s Pecos ranch in an attempt to collect nearly half a million in owed taxes.
Might be time to reconsider that The Doors sequel.

Construction will begin this month for new super Walmart.
Sad face.

City relies on resident complaints to determine which icy streets need clearing.
Just call the hotline: 1-800-Do-Our-Jobs-For-Us.

State Environment Department is reconsidering ban on the open burning of hazardous waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
It is, after all, a heat source.


Gov. Bill Richardson denies pardon for Billy the Kid, and then leaves office.
On a horse…singing.


Gov. Susana Martinez takes office, signs order to increase transparency for public records.
We’ll take one of everything, thanks.