On a 'High Mesa' in New Mexico exists a 'Hidden Swamp.'  Some who have mastered the ‘Tribal Groove’ and gone on to decipher the meaning of the ‘Mystical Hoodoos’ have actually been able to locate this High Mesa Swamp.---

THE LOST ISLAND - Near the center of the Hidden Swamp is said to be a ‘Lost Island’, believed to be the legendary Atzlan. This island is where Tarahumara, ‘the Swamp King’ began his mythical journey that ultimately led to a fall from grace of his decedents in Tenochtitlan.

THE ORIGIN OF BLUES - During the early 18th century an escaped African Slave, named ‘W.C.’ is believed to have discovered on the Island, the ‘Origin of Blues’.  Later upon his re-capture W.C. was taken to the Mississippi Delta region.

JOE DADDY'S QUEST – Joe Daddy grew up playing guitar on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, CA. in the present age. After listening to recordings of the legendary Robert Johnson, Joe made a slide from an old wine bottle and began his quest for the ‘Origin of Blues’.

JOE DADDY & SON THOMAS - While traveling through Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta region, Joe met blues legend Son Thomas.

JOE DADDY & THE LEGEND  - During a summer thunderstorm while Joe sat talking to Son on the blues man’s front porch, Son brought out a blues skull that he had formed from Mississippi river mud. Its teeth were made of corn, its eye sockets, tin foil. Son told Joe the tale of a Lost Island in a Hidden Swamp on a High Mesa.  He told Joe that on this ‘Lost Island’ could be found the origin of Blues. As Joe sat gazing upon the skull he realized what he would do.

JOE DADDY’S SEARCH - After a time playing the streets in New Orleans, Joe began his quest for the High Mesa with a Hidden Swamp in Old Mexico where he met jazz vocalist,  & Master of the Tribal Groove- Bobby Kapp and Bob & Joe's Blues Duo was born.

FINDING THE HIGH MESA WITH A HIDDEN SWAMP - Following his seven years in Mexico, Joe's quest led him to New Mexico where he began his study of the Mystical Hoodoos.  These Mystical Hoodoos held the key to finding the ‘High Mesa’ with a Hidden Swamp. 

HOODOO JEFF & THE LOST ISLAND- One day while paddling the waters of the Hidden Swamp, Joe encountered veteran blues bassist and folk artist: J.D.Sipe.. They together discovered the Lost Island and became, ‘Joe Daddy and Hoodoo Jeff ’ the High Mesa Swamp Duo.

DOC’S SWAMP HOLLER – After leaving the Island the two heard a strange sound tremolating across the waters. Upon further investigation they found ‘Doc Boggs’, (not the original Doc, but the same bloodline), standing in a canoe with his hands cupped & spread from his ears making what they later learned was Doc’s High Mesa Swamp Holler.  Being amazed as they where, they showed Doc the 'Origin' & the duo with Doc became the ‘High Mesa Swamp Kings’.