Santa Fe Mayor David Coss delivers annual State of the City address.
With his shirt on.

University of New Mexico study says the state is still stuck in a recession.
Versus a mass delusion.

State study shows the Spaceport could draw more than 560,000 visitors a year.
But how many will be ejected into space?

Nearly $90,000 in stimulus money went to people who were either dead or in prison.
Maybe the money can be returned when those people go vote.

Former secretary of state employee James Flores reportedly claims Mary Herrera wanted his help garnering Republican support.
Dropping out of the race would probably do that.


Secretary of State Mary Herrera reportedly accuses former elections chief AJ Salazar of staging the break-in at his office to make him look bad.
Because it wasn’t an efficient break-in that saved taxpayers money.


Police catch Nike Factory outlet store burglars on video.
Anyone considering reporting info on the break-in to the police should just do it.