Spanish royal family won’t visit Santa Fe after all, but some Spanish mayors are supposed to come.
And, if they can’t make it, there are a few Spanish dogcatchers who might show up. ---

City Council passes more stringent indecent-exposure law.
Yet, strangely, law to strengthen political decency is still pending

Santa Fe Forest Service halts controlled burn when smoke unexpectedly fills Santa Fe.
Who knew smoke was a predictable result of fire?

Pot raid at Española school only turns up tomatoes.
So at least the raid wasn’t completely fruitless

Cannon Air Force Base announces additional public meetings to get comments on proposed low-altitude training flights.
Guess they haven’t heard “no” enough.

Former state Elections Bureau Director AJ Salazar, a critic of Secretary of State Mary Herrera, reports a burglary in his Española office.
No messages were left in crayon, however.
Voter rolls are now closed for the Nov. 2 election.

The end is near.