Santa Fe County takes public comment on new code of conduct.
Comment: Have one. ---

Proposed city ordinance would require background checks for all door-to-door sales.
Providing Girl Scouts with their first experience of getting fingerprinted.

Ethics complaints filed against City Councilor Matthew Ortiz.
Someone be sure to explain to Ortiz why he’s not allowed to serve on the board that reviews the complaint against him.

Albuquerque Journal poll shows Republican Susana Martinez ahead in gubernatorial race.
Which probably made the Albuquerque Journal’s owner happy, at least.

Mars Corp. closes Seeds of Change’s New Mexico operations and moves it to California.
And changes its name to Seeds of Same.


State cuts Fiesta leave for employees.
Que viva no más.


Secretary of State Mary Herrera denies allegations of misconduct from former employees and accuses them of political motives.
And, indeed, just because you’re screwing up left and right, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.