State Police officers seize more than 8,000 marijuana plants.
Maybe they can donate them to the Department of Health.

Public Service Company will hold public meetings to get input on its new energy plan.
How about public meetings for input on its proposed rate hike?

Census shows that small communities in New Mexico are the fastest growing.
And that’s not even counting bears.

Frito pies make list for New Mexico’s contribution to the nation’s fattiest foods.
Chiles rellenos are demanding a recount.

College of Santa Fe changes its name.
Hold onto those CSF diplomas—they just became collectors’ items.


City Councilor Matthew Ortiz suggests city’s ethics code may need more clarity.
How’s this—right: in accordance with what is good, proper or just; wrong: not in accordance with what is morally right or good.


Qwest goes to court over city’s new telcom ordinance, saying the city raised Qwest’s fees just to generate more revenue.
Behavior incomprehensible to a private corporation!