County sheriff says county personnel paved six private roads.
But will they plow them when it snows?

County Manager Roman Abeyta resigns suddenly, but says it’s not in response to road-paving scandal.
Which probably means it’s in response to some other scandal we haven’t heard about yet.

Santa Fe airport director reportedly says American Eagle is cutting back flights to Dallas in response to winter weather.
News flash: It’s summer.

Actor Val Kilmer will appear before the San Miguel County Commission to try to make amends with neighbors.
Auditions for extras to play the parts of neighbors will be held prior to the meeting.

Gov. Bill Richardson performs marriage ceremony between Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.
It is time for the guv to start thinking about a second career.

6More than 40 governmental agencies in New Mexico haven’t submitted yearly audits.
Maybe they eliminated calendars as part of their budget cuts.

Educational Retirement Board plans to sue formal financial advisor.
That will at least keep some lawyers off the unemployment line.