Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education finalizes consolidation of Alvord, Kaune and Larragoite elementary schools.
Closure by any other name…

Revenues are down at New Mexico’s racinos.
In tough economic times, people don’t spend money at places with dumb names.

College of Santa Fe sues to revoke lease from CSF Alumni Association.
That should help with alumni fundraising.

State Health Secretary Alfredo Vigil rejects rules to give chronic pain sufferers easier access to medical marijuana.
Vigil’s actions do, however, give everyone easier access to chronic pain.

The City of Santa Fe won’t shorten library and recreation center hours but might raise gross receipts tax.
So it’s less shopping, more reading and exercising for all of us.

Judge upholds Santa Fe’s law allowing seizure of drunk drivers’ cars.
Law may be expanded to include drivers who talk on cell phones, don’t use turn signals and don’t understand yield signs.

Dept. of Game & Fish use trap to capture large bear wandering around Hyde Park area.
If only they could do the same to political candidates.