Court says Santa Fe woman can use Wi-Fi until trial with neighbor who claims electromagnetic signals make him ill.
In other words, legal system says she can keep doing something that is legal.

Public hearings will address whether Los Alamos National Laboratory should burn hazardous waste in the open air.
Oh sure—as long as LANL isn’t using Wi-Fi while the hazardous waste burns.

City will hold a series of forums on its telecom ordinance.
If you want to watch it streaming on the web…too bad.

University of New Mexico and Highlands University will raise tuition.
f you think education is expensive…try education-administrator salaries.

Second Public Service Company of New Mexico rate increase goes into effect this month.
Apparently, April really is the cruelest month.

New Mexico’s congressional delegation supports Obama’s offshore drilling plan.
’Cause it just sounds better when he says it.

It’s allergy season.
You know: the one after pothole season and before tourist season.