Whether you're new to Santa Fe or Santa Fe is still new to you, SFR's Annual Manual is the best resource for helping you get the most out of living in the City Different. 

Completely revised and updated, the 2008-2009 edition is now available to download by section in convenient PDF form (Adobe Reader required):

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Local Living  Information and resources on climate, traffic, neighborhoods, volunteering, the GLBTQ community, religion and spirituality, libraries and post offices.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: House and Garden Resources for renters, home buyers and builders, recyclers, gardeners and environmentally conscious residents, plus a guide to common terms used to describe Santa Fe building styles.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Health and Wellness Treatments for mind, body and soul–including hospitals, HMOs, youth health services, home and hospice care, mental health centers, counseling services, substance abuse treatment, massage, spas, movement therapy and healing arts education.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Jobs and Business Information on wage laws, the state film industry, job hunting, networking, local business resources, licensing and more.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Education Everything you need to know about public, private and alternative education, from grade school through college.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Children Ways to get kids playing, reading, enjoying sports and camps, and getting artsy, plus information on kid-oriented restaurants and publications.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Government City, county, state and federal info, including voting, representatives, tribal governments and more.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Transportation Public, private and alternative methods for getting around in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Sports and Recreation Outdoor and indoor ways to stay fit and active in Santa Fe–including golf, football, tennis, skiing, swimming, hiking, soccer, skateboarding and more.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Arts and Culture Santa Fe nightlife, favorite bands, movie theaters, music and video stores, museums and cultural organizations, art galleries, dance, opera, literary events and casinos?it's all here.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Food and Dining Welcome to a food lover?s paradise: Santa Fe offers farmers markets, specialty food shops, cooking classes, co-ops, food events and dozens of great restaurants.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Shopping A district-by-district tour of Santa Fe's stores, boutiques and malls - from the Plaza all the way to south Cerrillos - so you can shop until you drop.

ANNUA; MANUAL 2008–2009: Pets Animal shelters, local laws, parks, pet stores and more.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009: Media and Publishing Local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations and blogs worth checking out.

ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009 Directory Listings and ANNUAL MANUAL 2008–2009 Indexes Businesses, shops, services, restaurants, events and organizations, listed by topic.