New songs for old emotions.

"SAX ROHMER #1" Heretic Pride
The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats continues its successful tradition of off-key vocals and simple pop riffs. On "Sax Rohmer #1," the singer-songwriter behind the Goats, John Darnielle, bleats out an upbeat tune about a wayward traveler on his way home. Though just about everything in "Sax" is uncomplicated, it is the epitome of the Goats' style and a welcome first look at the group's forthcoming album, Heretic Pride .

Night Falls Over Kortedala
Jens Lekman
OK, everything we knew about honesty was obviously wrong. Jens Lekman apologizes for being "this brutally honest," to the poor soul he's dumped. And he should apologize. This kind of breakup song makes the perfect soundtrack to a night of knife sharpening and wrist slitting. Whatever happened to "it's not you, it's me"? Let's bring back the bullshit; it may be cliché, but this is just too much. The beat is quite catchy, though.

Seventh Tree
Forget the sweat-soaked nights spent grinding on club-going hotties. The Goldfrapp of "Ooh La La La" and "White Horse"-the one that dripped with sex-has been replaced by a tender show of emotion. But once listeners get used to the new sound, this softer Goldfrapp shines. Singer Allison Goldfrapp's voice dances over complex and subtle electronic keyboards. While "A&E" may not be right for the heat of the rave, it's the perfect tune for driving home on a sun-drenched morning after.

Ames Room
Silje Nes
A strange little lullaby by Norwegian Silje Nes, "Ames Room" has the quirky little background sounds of CocoRosie mixed with ambient qualities stolen straight from Sigur Rós. The song skips through a dreamlike state that makes listeners never want to wake up.