City Council District 1 candidates face off

For the March 4 City of Santa Fe municipal elections, SFR will call up candidates in the CONTESTED races to test their knowledge. The rules for Pop Quiz are as follows:

No research allowed and if they call back later with the right answer, too bad.

To see who answered correctly (or came closest), check out our answer after the candidate answers below.


1.    Camino Carlos Rael, one of the few crossovers between West Alameda and Agua Fria streets, is a bit of a death trap; it has blind turns, enormous unpaved potholes and flooding hazards. To which district does this patch of road belong?

2.    Your District 1 partner in policy is Chris Calvert, who was elected to his first four-year term in 2006. Can you identify one policy on which you agree and one policy on which you disagree with Calvert?

3.    Through the Sister Cities International Program, Santa Fe is kin to six cities: two in Europe, two in Asia, one in North America and one in the Caribbean. Can you name at least two?

4.    Do you have a dog and, if so, how often do you bring him or her to the dog park? And, oh, by the way, what is the official name of the park?

5.    You�ve got two Starbucks in your district: Are they corporate tyrants or corporate angels? And how do you take your coffee?

6.    How many terms should a city councilor serve before letting someone else give it a go?

7.    What is the average value of a home within walking distance of downtown Santa Fe?

8.    Briefly describe a person or family you�ve met that was �in need,� and how you would propose to help them if elected.

9.    Campaign ethics isn�t just an issue for the state government. Some members of the City Ethics Committee complain that they haven�t met frequently enough or made any progress. How high a priority for you is campaign ethics and where is your campaign money coming from?



Patti Bushee, 48, is the public outreach coordinator for the Water Use and Conservation Bureau of the Office of the State Engineer, and has been a city councilor for District 1 since 1994.

1.  OK, I very clearly know this. The stretch going to the river is the city�s jurisdiction. The river and beyond is the county�s jurisdiction and so there lies the quandary of how we actually regulate it.

2.  We both supported the home energy rating system legislation and I�m not so sure I agree with him on the current short-term rentals proposals he just had a press conference about.

3.  The one in Europe that I adore is Sorrento, Italy. The one in the Caribbean, I would presume, would be in Cuba, and now I�m blanking on the city. And the other is in China. And we also have one in Japan.

4.    I have four little dogs. I live down the street from the dog park. I go as often as I can.  During the election cycle, less than I would like. And the official name of the dog park is Frank Ortiz Park, but the unofficial name is Poop Park.

5.    Honest answer? I�m a tea drinker, never had a full cup of coffee in my life, so I�m not a Starbucks frequenter. I like their chewing gum, but you know, honestly, I prefer to buy local. And I love the Teahouse on Canyon Road.

6.    [Laughing] As many as the voters will allow. No, truly, that�s, I guess, the best answer I have for you.

7.    You don�t mean the median price of a home in Santa Fe? Say it again? [Question repeated] probably goes up, because the median price of a home was headed to $450,000, so I�m going to say perhaps add another $100,000 to that.

8.    Well, gosh, define �need.� That ranges for me from affordable housing, and we�ve done a lot to try to help families get in homes. But I would say the most �in need� I have seen has been our homeless population in this freezing***image2*** cold weather. I think it�s imperative that the city�there�s short-term solutions out there, but the city needs to find a long-term solution in terms of helping come up with a new space and/or funding to make sure that we don�t have any more deaths in this horribly cold weather.

9.    Who�s complaining that they�re not meeting? They�ve been meeting all the time, I thought. Campaign ethics and campaign reform is a high priority, in particular, public campaign financing. I am a strong believer in that. My money has and still comes from individuals, most of whom live in my district.

   ANSWER KEY             

1.    Trick question. According to district maps, the roadway in question sits in a vague triangle between District 1, Santa Fe County and District 3.

2.    Although Bushee did not specify how she agreed and disagreed with Calvert on the two issues, Calvert confirms that her answers are accurate. However, had he been asked the question in reverse, he would have identified Bushee�s proposal for the smoking ban, which he supported, as a policy on which they agreed. Calvert declined to comment on a specific area of conflict.

3.    Bushee was correct about Sorrento, Italy. However, Santa Fe does not have a sister city in China. The rest include: Bukhara, Bukhoro Wiloyati, Uzbekistan; Parral, Mexico; Santa Fe, Cataluna, Spain; Sorrento, Campania, Italy; Tsuyama, Japan; and Holguin, Holguin, Cuba.

4.    The dog park is indeed called the Frank Ortiz Park.

6.    Bushee was appointed to the Council in 1994 and is currently serving her third term. Opponent Garcia�s campaign materials state he�d like to see two four-year term limits.

7.    According to the Santa Fe Association of Realtors, the median home price was $350,000 in the fourth quarter of 2007. The average price of a home near downtown is approximately $850,000, according to Remax Capital.

8.    The New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness estimates there are 917 individuals currently homeless in Santa Fe.

9.    The Ethics and Campaign Review Board hardly met all last year due to a lack of a quorum, which in turn was due to a change in the ordinance that gave each councilor an appointee on the board. The Charter Review Committee recommended a public campaign financing system, similar to the system passed in Albuquerque, to the Council in September 2007.